Workshops & Programs

EHS monthly meetings offer an informational, inspirational speaker who talks about one of many aspects of textile crafts.

Regular, intensive workshops — often two or three days — provide an opportunity to learn a new textile skill in the company of fellow makers and under the instruction of guest experts.

Even during the pandemic, we persevere, offering ZOOM meetings with presentations and ZOOM workshops.




February Meeting: Adventures in Mongolia

Online / Zoom Meeting

Spinning and weaving ... for camels!  Mary Underwood will present the story of this ancient craft and her travels in Mongolia.  And we'll get to meet her very own camel, […]

March Meeting: One Year In – Pandemic Productions

Online / Zoom Meeting

Has a year of lockdowns, restrictions and change accelerated your craft work or damped it down?  Have you been trying new things or taking comfort in the old familiars?  Do […]

Split Shed Weaving

Online / Zoom Meeting

An exciting split-shed weaving workshop with Deborah Silver!   Stay tuned; date is so far tentative. From Deborah's new book. The Technique of Split-shed Weaving by Deborah Silver Break out of blocks […]