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EHS monthly meetings offer an informational, inspirational speaker who talks about one of many aspects of textile crafts.

Regular, intensive workshops — often two or three days — provide an opportunity to learn a new textile skill in the company of fellow makers and under the instruction of guest experts.

Even during the pandemic, we persevere, offering ZOOM meetings with presentations and ZOOM workshops.


Upcoming workshops:

EHS is pleased to present the following workshops. Click on the title for more information!

 Beginner Weaving on a Table Loom, with Johana Cordero (Feb 4, 12, 18, 25, Mar 4)

Yarn and Fiber Masterclass Workshop, with Susan Conover (Feb 11)

Drop Spindle Workshop, with Karen Fowler and Joan McKenzie (May 6)

Textural Weaving on 4 or 8 shafts, with Stacey Harvey Brown (Oct 1, 22, Nov 4)



Workshop: Stacey Harvey Brown (part 1)

Online / Zoom Meeting

Texture Weaving Workshop With Stacey Harvey-Brown Texture can be created through using textured yarns, combinations of structures and/or materials. This workshop aims to give you an introduction to 3 methods of creating

Workshop: Stacey Harvey Brown (part 2)

Online / Zoom Meeting

Sunday 22nd October 2023  10am - 4pm  In NPCC studio, and by Zoom. Textural Weaving Workshop with Stacey Harvey Brown.  Hands on weaving workshop day in 4 or 8 shafts.

Workshop: Stacey Harvey Brown (part 3)

Online / Zoom Meeting

Saturday 4th November 2023   10am - 11.30am  Zoom Textural Weaving Workshop with Stacey Harvey Brown - Part 3 - Show and Tell with Q&A to discuss learnings.