Just as textile crafters bring together individual threads to create objects which are both useful and beautiful, craft guilds draw together those makers into a community of support, learning and friendship.

Etobicoke Handweavers and Spinners​ (EHS), founded more than half a century ago, is such a guild, encouraging an interest in handweaving, spinning and dyeing, offering services and learning opportunities to members and educating the larger community about our crafts. Please visit ​About EHS​ to discover our beautiful studio space, extensive resources and comprehensive program of guest speakers and workshops. And visit ​Membership​ to join.


During the current pandemic, EHS has found ways to remain a vital part of members’ lives. As you will read in “Membership”, joining EHS means joining the Neilson Park Creative Centre (NPCC), a busy hub of arts and crafts that provides a studio home for the guild. And, even though our normal activities at NPCC are on hold, we encourage those interested in EHS to do just that. During the pandemic, however, EHS is making available a special reduced-rate ZOOM membership​. That way new members can participate in monthly meetings and drop-ins, meeting fellow makers and taking advantage of our monthly program of international guest speakers.